where to register for a wedding registry
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consider registering at stores that focus on kitchenwares.  Evaluate your wants and needs, think about what different stores have to offer, and begin to choose your perfect wedding registry stores from there.

2 – Location

Your location should also affect the choice of your wedding registry stores.  You will want to choose stores that are:

  1. -Convenient to you – Even if you set up your wedding registry online, we suggest that you try to visit the store and see your items in person.  You will want to feel the towels and linens you register for, see dinnerware up close, and make sure colors are similar to their online depiction. If you wish to see the items in person, make sure to register at a store that is reasonably close to your location.

  2. -Convenient to your guests – If your guests are concentrated in a certain city (or cities) try to find at least one store for your registry that is available in that location.  Many wedding guests still prefer to walk in a store to choose their wedding gift, and you want to make sure that option is available for as many of your guests as possible.

3 – The Store's Price Range

When choosing your wedding registry stores you should also think about the price range of products available at the stores.  Consider your wants and needs, but also be considerate of your guests.  Make sure to register at stores that offer a wide price range for their products and will be affordable for your guests.

4 – Incentives and Perks

Many wedding registry stores offer incentives and perks for wedding registrants.  If you're interested in free gifts, cash rewards or completion discounts, make sure to check out the different incentives available to help you choose your stores.  We offer a snapshot of this information for the stores we feature on Well Registered in The Stores section

5 – Your Style

Your personal style should also affect the decision for your wedding registry stores.  Many stores offer bedding coordinates and dinnerware, but many stores won't offer products that fit your style.  We created our inspiration boards to help couples easily see which stores offer products that fit their style. Browse the boards to see which stores are right for you. 

Deciding where to register for a wedding is a difficult decision that could affect the look, feel and function of your home for many years.  Take time to think about these five factors and you will likely find your perfect wedding registry stores.

Decide Where to Register for a Wedding

There are many options available for your wedding registry, so how do you decide where to register?  Here are some factors you may want to consider when choosing your wedding registry stores.   

1 – Your Wants and Needs

The number one factor that should drive the choice for your wedding registry stores should be your own wants and needs.  Take some time to think about the purpose behind your wedding registry, and then choose stores that could help fill that purpose.  For example, if you need a lot of basic housewares be sure to register at a large department store with a wide selection of products.  Or if you want a beautifully stocked kitchen for cooking,