places to register for a wedding
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Many guests like to go to the actual storefront to purchase their gift, and being registered at only one store would limit the chances of your guests having a local store to visit.

Creating too many registries would make maintaining them difficult.

While having one registry would limit your options, having too many registries could limit your ability to maintain them well.  You want to make sure to have a wide selection of gift options available at each store throughout your engagement.  Registering at too many stores could leave you struggling to register for things that you will truly love and need. 

Consider a universal registry if three stores aren't enough.

If you find that you can't meet all your wants and needs from 3 stores, you may consider setting up what is called a “universal registry.”  Sites like and allow you to add any product available on the internet to a registry that is set up on their website.  This would give you limitless options of things you could add to your registry.  I would still recommend registering at 2-3 actual stores, but adding a universal registry to your mix could be a great option for you. 

The best answer for how many places you should register for your wedding is ultimately up to you.  Choose stores that fit your style and personality and make sure at least one of those stores will be convenient to your guests.

How Many Places to Register for Wedding

There is no hard and fast rule as to how many places to register for wedding gifts.  However, most couples choose to set up a registry at 2 to 3 stores and there are several great reasons to sticking with this norm.

Creating a wedding registry at just one store would be limiting for both you and your guests. 

Having multiple registries lets you choose a store that has a broad range of products as well as a store that is more specific to your needs (such as stores that specialize in kitchenware or home décor).  Having a wedding registry at more than one store also increases the chance of convenience for your guests.