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make sure the store you choose lets guests purchase items from your registry online.

2 – Has a wide range of price points.

We highly recommend each couple to keep a wide range of prices on their wedding registries throughout their engagement.  If you are only going to register at one store, this store must have a wide range of price points.  Make sure that the store you are considering has plenty of both inexpensive and expensive items to choose from. 

If the store has both of these qualities, we think it's fine for you to just register at one store. 

Out of the seven stores we currently feature, we would only recommend Target or Bed Bath and Beyond as potential sole wedding registry store.  And remember, this is only if the store is convenient to your guests and you add a wide selection of prices to your registry. 

Is One Wedding Registry Store Enough?

Is one wedding registry store enough?  Recently we were asked, “Is it bad to register at just one store if it has everything you need?”  Generally we recommend using two or three stores for your wedding registry.  However, if one store has everything you want and need it may be just fine to only register at that store.  Just make sure that your one wedding registry store...

1 – Is convenient for your guests.

If you're only registering at one store, make sure that it has plenty of locations and would be convenient for the majority of your guests.  You don't need to ensure each guest has a store location just up the street, but you do need to be considerate of their locations.  Also,