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This is a great goal to have for your registry if you are just starting out and don't have a lot of household items already.  Think about your current situation – what you need and want to start your married life together.  Also discuss what you don't need or want and choose to resist any pressure that may come to register for those things you don't desire.

Tips for registering for the basics.

2 – We want to get nice items that will last a long time. 

This is a good approach to take if you will be able to afford to purchase the things you need that you don't receive as gifts.  Crystal, fine china, silverware, luxury linens and high-end kitchenwares are very popular among wedding registries and many of these items can last a lifetime.  Think about not only what you want and need in your current situation, but also things you may want many years into the future.  Try to read reviews on your expensive products to ensure that you are receiving items that really will last a long time.

Tips for registering for nice items.

3 – We want to upgrade items that we already own.

This approach is great to take if you already have a lot of the household items you need but still want to have a traditional registry.  Take time to go through your home and make a list of things you wish to upgrade.  Splurge on upgrading items you use often and fill any gaps you may have in your home.  Don't hesitate to register for items like furniture or home décor.

Tips for upgrading items you already own.

4 – We want to have a non-traditional wedding registry.

This approach to the wedding registry is a good option if you have all the household items you want or need, or if you simply don't want to do the traditional registry.  Non-traditional wedding registries are  growing in popularity and there are many options available to you.

  1. -You can register for your honeymoon.

  2. Sites like and allow you to choose different parts of your honeymoon (airfare, excursions, meals, etc) that guests can contribute towards.

  3. -You can register at non-traditional stores for different hobbies you enjoy.

  4. Did you just buy a house you plan to renovate together?  Register at stores like Home Depot for tools and supplies.  Do you and your spouse love to be outdoors?  Register at stores like for camping and hiking gear.  Are you wine lovers?  There are websites like that offer wine registries.  Think outside the box and register for things you truly love.

  1. -You can make a registry to help fund non-profit organizations.

  2. Check out sites like and that allow you to choose non-profit organizations to have your guests make donations toward in your honor.

  1. -You can choose not to have a wedding registry.

  2. While we obviously love registries, we realize that they are not for everyone.  Stand strong in your decision, but be prepared to receive more faux diamond and pearl embellished picture frames than you know what to do with.

Even if you do no other research before completing your wedding registry, if you honestly assess the purpose behind your registry you will likely be happier with the end result than if you had spent hours reviewing checklists and inspiration boards without a goal in mind.  Decide why you want to register for wedding gifts, and the process will be much easier.

Why are you registering for wedding gifts?

Why Register for Wedding Gifts?

The first and most important step toward becoming well registered is to ask yourself, “Why am I going to register for wedding gifts?  There are many different approaches you can take with your registry.  Our biggest advice regarding wedding registries is to decide what approach you wish to take and why you wish to register for your wedding.

Here are four common approaches many couples choose to take:

1 - We want to get all the basics needed to start our home together.